Collections Internship Program

Where: Heritage Flight Museum, 15053 Crosswind Dr, Burlington, WA 98233

Job Title: Collections Intern

Hours: Relatively flexible schedule offered M-F

Compensation: Unpaid

Summary: The Heritage Flight Museum is looking for an intern to assist in the care and maintenance of the artifact and archives collections within the museum’s Collections Department. The collections intern will work with the Collections Manager, and assist them in cataloging and organizing both the current collection, as well as any new items as they are brought in.

Experience: This position does not require any experience working in a museum or with Past Perfect Museum Software. Any necessary training will be provided on the job.

Basic Requirements:

  • Intern should currently be enrolled in or recently graduated from a university Museum Studies, Anthropology, or History program.
  • Be able to commit a minimum of 12 hours per week to the job
  • Have computer skills, primarily working in a Microsoft Windows environment
  • Have the ability to learn new computer software quickly
  • Be a self-starter and be able to think creatively
  • Knowledge of or interest in military and aviation history is a bonus
  • Remember that it’s easier to ask stupid questions than fix stupid mistakes

Essential Tasks, intern will be taught to:

  • Intern will be taught the proper methods for filling out and completing paperwork associated with new accessions and loans.
  • Utilize Past Perfect Museum Software to update and create database entries for each item in the collection
  • Assist in cataloging, photographing, scanning, and organizing all artifacts and archives already in the collection as well as any new donations/loans as they come in
  • Be able to comprehensively research artifacts to create full and detailed catalog entries for each item

Physical Demands and Work Environment:

Interns may lift potentially heavy boxes without dropping and damaging their feet. They must be aware of their surroundings! Heritage Flight Museum is a flying museum, so often times aircraft or maintenance machinery will be moving around, aircraft will be starting up and/or flying. The intern must not get run over by a wing, tire, propeller, or other aircraft parts.

Application Process:

If interested, submit a cover letter and current resume to

Heritage Flight Museum offices may also be reached at 360-424-5151, between 8am-4pm M-F.