Bring HFM to your Airshow

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Show Participation Terms
The Heritage Flight Museum displays it’s aircraft primarily in Burlington, WA, and by flying them at airshows.  Though we would like to be able to participate at airshows at no charge; aircraft operating costs, our financial situation, and our fiduciary responsibilities as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization means we need to charge appropriately for your use of our aircraft in your show.  Consequently, barring special circumstances, our cost recovery terms for airshow participation follow:

P-51 Airshow participation:

  • $2500 per show + $250 per each 1/10 of an hour of flying time over 7/10′s of an hour (time defined by aircraft hobbes meter rounded up)
  • $500 per day for static display (in lieu of the above participation rate)
  • $20/NM between airshow base and aircraft home station (Burlington, WA, usually, may vary)
  • Aircraft fuel, oil & oxygen at show
  • Secure aircraft parking separate from crowd
  • Auto, room & board for pilot and support crew (if any)
  • 5 copies of all media featuring the aircraft or pilot mailed to the museum

Heritage Flight with ACC financial support:

  • ACC no longer financially supports the civilian portion of the USAF Heritage Flight. If you want a USAF Heritage Flight at your show, you will have to request a USAF Demo Team, and then schedule the civilian component. For HFM participation, the civilian rate is the same as the terms defined above.

Additional Notes:

  • $1500 advance deposit required.
  • All checks made payable to Heritage Flight Museum.
  • Pilots fly free but do not participate in mass autograph sessions.  They can be available to press on a non-interference basis.
  • Special presentations may be available but at extra cost.
  • Our insurance prohibits sponsor/media rides.
  • Click here for Pilot biographies and airshow commentaries.
  • Aircraft information and photos are available in the Collections area of this site.

Cancellation & Non-Participation Policy

Show cancelled for whatever reason:

  • Aircraft en route or on site – full payment
  • Aircraft not departed home/remote station – $500 admin fee

Aircraft not available (e.g. mechanical, sick pilot, etc.):

  • Aircraft not departed home station – no charge, deposit returned
  • Aircraft en route – mileage accomplished
  • Aircraft on station – revert to static display rates

USAF Heritage Flight & USN Tailhook Legacy Flight

Both programs are currently undergoing changes, but at present the steps for securing a Heritage or Legacy Flight are as follows:

  1. Request a USAF or USN demo team for your show.
  2. Upon confirmation, contact the civilian component (that would be us) to check availability, etc.

Please note that only approved military and civilian demo pilots can conduct these flights. The teams train together and are approved to fly these specialized formations. Heritage and Legacy Flights can ONLY be conducted by approved pilots.