Museum Purpose

The Heritage Flight Museum (HFM) has been established by the Anders family to help educate the public so that they might understand and appreciate the contribution military aircraft, and the people that flew them, have made to our heritage, national security and freedom.

The primary focus of the HFM will be on US Army Air Corps and US Air Force vintage “Warbirds”: fighters, trainers, and liaison aircraft.  Additionally, once a permanent facility is established, the HFM will add displays highlighting elements of the US Space Program, mainly the Apollo program.

In order to obtain the greatest exposure of the aircraft, the HFM will primarily display aircraft through flying and static display at their hangars in Burlington, WA. Additionally, aircraft may be displayed at air shows and other remote locations.

Besides aircraft displays, HFM plans to display aviation restoration projects, models, and memorabilia.  Space flight memorabilia, historical presentations, and educational material will be displayed as well.  Additionally, once a more permanent facility is found, the museum plans to develop aviation education and youth education programs.

Board Members & Directors

HFM’s Board of Directors is made up of the following members:

  • President & Founder – William Anders
  • Secretary – Valerie Anders
  • Treasurer – Gayle Nuffer
  • Carl Nuffer
  • Eric Anders
  • Glen Anders
  • Diana Anders
  • Dr. Dydia DeLyser
  • Steven Hoard
  • David Johnson

Museum Directors & Staff:

  • Vice President & Executive Director – Greg Anders
  • Vice President & Director of Operations & Maintenance – Alan Anders
  • Lead Mechanic – Hal Beatty
  • Office Manager – Julie Shelby
  • Event Manager – Erin Phillips
  • Collections and Exhibits Manager – Elizabeth Gibbs
  • Director of Flight Safety – Merrill Wien
  • Mechanic – Syd Slade
  • Facilities – Ralph Roberts
  • Staff Photographer – Lyle Jansma